IMAGES of exterior of Brazil school after deadly shooting – Sao Paulo Video

published: 2019-03-13 15:45:45

Two assailants opened fire in a school near Sao Paulo, Brazil, killing eight people and wounding 15 others, state military police said. IMAGES of exterior of school after shooting

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  1. Certeza que esses doentes foram inspirados no Massacre de Columbine!

  2. it just a drill, they used crisis actor, they do this in America, want proof, look at photo of Colombine school shooter Dylan klebold, he is the same person as Rob O'Neil the one the killed Osama bin laden, he just a crisis actor, but the news put it on tv as it realy happen when it didn't, watch them do more fake shooting!

  3. And of course everybody's going to ignore this one because….Brazil HAS gun control.

  4. They following the examples os USA masacres, basically USA 🇺🇸 is the
    Terrorist schools

  5. It's a chance to understand the reasons of shooting cases. Although the high murder rates in Brazil, shooting/mass murder wasn't an usual thing in the country. Since the end of 2018, however, the society has been losing the control. So, let's see what is different now.

    For example, during the last election and even after that, people, high politicians and other leaders continuously worshipped violence, murder, mass murder, torture, beating, discrimination, libel, falsehood/fake news and public humiliation.


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