Visit Rio – The DON’Ts of Visiting Rio de Janeiro, Brazil – Sao Paulo Video

published: 2016-12-31 16:01:40

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil is an amazing tourist destination with tons of activities, sports, beaches, culture for vacationers to visit. However, with so many things to DO in Rio, we are going to give tourists and travelers a list of things that you DON’T do when you are in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
Filmed in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil
Copyright Mark Wolters 2016

10 Shocks of Visiting Brazil

5 Things You Will Love & Hate about Visiting Rio de Janeiro

10 Shocks of Visiting Rio de Janeiro

What You Should Know BEFORE You Visit Rio de Janeiro

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  1. Another dont is dont go to brazil because you will get robbed and killed for having an iPhone or/and wearing fake jewellery thank you for watching

  2. I'm visiting the favelas,they did on fast and furious

  3. Don’t listen to the media hype about the danger but listen to my hype about the danger.

  4. He forgot the most important, DONT VISIT RIO. Unless you wanna get robbed or kidnapped. I recommend Florianópolis, Santa Catarina.

  5. Are you fucking kidding me? I wouldn't go to that shit country you call Bazil, if everything was free. I dont want to get robbed and killed. You hearing the don't do cause you will get robbed? Go to Japan your safe there it's a civilized country, there not poor like shit hole Brazil

  6. The biggest don’t: go there in the first place

  7. DONT have a double chin, you will be targeted

  8. If you can't hold an iPhone or wear earrings it's obviously not a place to visit. Tourists need to start boycotting areas that have crime issues and force the governments to clean up these shitholes.

  9. It's actually a Canga, not a Conga lol

  10. First issue I have here is… why rio? Worst City in Brazil to visit

  11. He forgot #11. Don't EAT SO MUCH (holy smoke, you really got fat)

  12. I have to say wolter I am disappointed I watch you a lot. Brazil is a very dangerous country and I don't think people should visit until they get their act together.
    When you said don't go to the beach at night I was surprised you are even saying to go there at all.
    I have never gone anywhere in my life that I couldn't go to the beach at night for fear of my own safety.
    These type of places beautiful as they are should not be visited by tourists until the residents and law of that country are safe and secure from the criminals within.
    And maybe instead of you promoting tourism and how to avoid becoming a victim you should tell people not to visit maybe then the government will take notice when their tourism dollar dryers up to improve the lives of everyone in their country including tourists instead of ignoring the Dangerous problems they have.
    I expected more of you wolter. I am also surprised that you brought your family to a place where you cannot wear jewellery and you cannot go to the beach at night I'm surprised at you

  13. Kkk que cara maluco
    Essa gente inventa cada coisa

  14. dont watch woman asses because favella gangs own them

  15. Don't be scared to visit Rio he says, don't go to some beaches as they aren't safe he says, don't go to any beaches at night he says, don't wear jewelry he says, don't visit favelas he says. Think I'll give it a miss. If I'm going to a place like that I'd visit LA or Miami because at least you'll be robbed in English.

  16. The name is Canga, not Conga.

  17. Violence rates in Rio are similar to Baltimore in US. São Paulo which population is around 14 million people is safer than Miami which population is around 453.579
    Most of it is related to drug dealers and gangs.
    There are pretty safe places in Brazil as well as in US, and as well as dangerous ones.

  18. Spot-on tips!
    Except, the fabric we lay down on is a "canga", not a conga. ? They don't get sandy or soggy; it is a better option than a beach towel.

  19. flying to Rio tomorrow…. Kind of regretting the choice.. reading all of the info and feel like it's worse than a vacation in Raqqa

  20. f*** you I'm wearing a skirt over a one-piece bodysuit!!!!

  21. so basically just don't go to brazil, noted!

  22. #9 Also don't go to the favelas because it's a poverty stricken area that people do live in and they do not appreciate being seen as novelties or zoo animals.

  23. I live in Brazil and I am afraid to go to Rio. But there is a lot of places in Brazil that has no danger

  24. Smartest don't, just don't go.

  25. Mark…. You seem like a good/happy guy so please take my comments in the constructive way they are intended!
    You're getting way too heavy mate! Lose it now before you get old like me and can't shed the weight!
    Low carb and no sugar will work wonders. And eating fat is a plus because it stops you feeling hungry, so you can also try intermittent fasting.


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