Bride killed moments before wedding in horrific helicopter crash in Brazil – TomoNews – Sao Paulo Video

published: 2017-07-10 06:11:56

SÃO PAULO, BRAZIL — Newly released dashcam footage shows the tragic last moments of a Brazilian woman’s life before she dies in a helicopter crash. The woman was on her way to her wedding.

Prior to the devastating crash, Sao Paulo resident and bride-to-be Rosemere Nascimento Da Silva boarded the helicopter as a surprise for her future husband, Udirley Damasceno.

In a nearly 9-minute long video released by Brazilian news outlet G1 Oficial, the beautiful woman looks happy and excited to surprise her groom, then an alarm goes off and the helicopter begins to shake, everyone on the chopper can be heard screaming in panic. The helicopter swivels completely out of control, then crashes to the ground. No one survived.

When informed of what happened, the groom was apparently unaware of the surprise his bride had planned for him, and went into complete shock, according to the pastor.

Local authorities, together with aeronautics specialists, have been investigating the possible causes for the crash. Officials believe the helicopter may have hit a tree while flying during poor visibility due to rain, fog, and cloud cover.

According to the organisers, Rosemere’s dream was to arrive at her wedding by a helicopter without anyone knowing.

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  1. 2:30
    They're hiding something from us
    Bottom left

  2. Why does the priest look like Terry cruise

  3. that's why I usually walk… just saying

  4. It was George Washingtons' fault.

  5. Don't you ever get an itchy eye you just wanna take out your eyeball?

  6. lol so what? women aren't even attracted to guys anymore. they're all sjw feminists! also to mention that she was probably a gold digger.

  7. This is why im scared of planes and helicopters

  8. talk about a dramatic entrance

  9. this is cool can I see the full uncensored version of her last moments

  10. and that's why you don't ride a helicopter thru fog

  11. I guess you can say the wedding was crashed…

    I'm sorry I'm disturbed.

  12. I thought the women was the only one that died in the crash but they all didn't survived

  13. Check weather first before boarding the helicopter. Fog and rains are not safe for helicopter then wedding event should be cancelled due to heavy rains and fog. Rescheduled wedding event another day if weather clearly day then can use helicopter safe. I'm sorry about loss of couples.

  14. Never say "like a boss" ever again.

  15. ive seen plenty of wrecks, that one hit hard. probably into a few trees going down.

  16. Sad thing about this, why she decided to ride a helicopter instead of car or a horse

  17. Maybe he woke up to what he was signing up for and crashed on purpose

  18. imagine this.. you find a beautiful human being and you fall in love with that person. You plan on marrying them and you been told they died and you won't ever see them again… my prayers go out to the poor man.

  19. I'm just saying but if she done a normal wedding entrance then she would still be alive, I'm not hating on her I understand why she done it but I'm just saying so please don't hate

  20. Something always happens in Brazil

  21. y'all know this happened like in 2014, but the family just wanted to release the video till now


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